HTML5 Canvas Javascript Libraries

Which libraries should we use in javascript for game development ?

While I was searching about javascript libraries, I found some javascript libraries are being used for game development. This libraries ,

  • provide tools to create animations for game development.
  • helped to find graphical objects for games.
  • provide useful functions you can use in your game projects …etc

15 Useful javascript libraries for game development below :

Let’s continue taking information about html5 canvas javascript libraries.

1- Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit

  • CAAT is javascript animation toolkit.
  • CAAT is a director-based scene graph manager
  • CAAT provide useful and powerful animation environment
  • CAAT is a platform and works with CSS, WebGL and Canvas.
  • In addition, CAAT is not only create awesome scene and actors but also has facilities to managing audio.
  • Open source code in here


2- Kinetic.js

  • Kinetic.js is HTML5 Canvas javascript framework that enable powerful animations, rotations, transition, node nestings, layering, filtering, caching ..etc
  • Open source code in here


3- Fabric.js

  • Fabric.js provides missing object model on canvas, as well as SVG parser.
  • Also, it provides animation, geometrical shape, graphics.
  • Open source code in here


4- Crafty.js

  • Crafty provides building of prototypical or full-featured 2D html5 games.
  • Crafty uses syntax similar to jquery by having a selector engine for select entities by their components.
  • Open source code in here


5- Create.js

  • Create.js is comprehensive web editing interface for content management systems.
  • It provide modern full browser-based html5 environment for managing content.
  • OPen source code in here


6- Easel.js

  • Easel.js provide easy work with canvas elements.
  • Also it provides shape based mouse interaction on elements.
  • This javascript library is useful for games thanks to awesome graphics and generative arts.
  • Open source code in here


7- oCanvas

  • OCanvas provide to work with object instead of pixels for html5 canvas elements.
  • It provides a faster and easier way of work than writing pure javascript on the canvas.
  • Open source code in here


8- Paper.js

  • Paper.js is vector graphics scripting framework that runs on top of html5 canvas.
  • It offers to clean DOM and a lot of awesome functionality vector graphics, animations and images.


9- Processing.js

  • Processing.js provide to makes your data visualizations, digital arts, interactive animations, educational graphs, games ..etc
  • Open source code in here


10- Three.js

  • Three.js is library that makes WebGL, 3D in the browser.
  • it provides powerful 3D animations.
  • Open source code in here


11- Jaws.js

  • Jaws.js is core functions.
  • Jaws is 2D game development framework.
  • It provide the easiest way to make assets(images, musics, json data) in web-games.
  • Open source code in here


12- Impact.js

  • Impact.js is a javascript game engine, it offer 2D animations, graphics, images for web and desktop games.
  • It supports on all html5 capable browsers and include iPhone, iPod Touch and iPhone .


13- Lime.js

  • Lime.js offers support for all mobile platforms.
  • It provide support videos and better audio.
  • Open source code in here


14- Melon.js

  • Melon.js is a fresh-lightweight 2D sprite-based engine.
  • It supports multiple audio channel support.
  • It integrates tiled map format.
  • Open source code in here


15- Joint.js

  • Joint.js is a modern HTML 5 JavaScript library for visualize and interact with diagrams and graphs.
  • Joint js is known diagramming library in javascript libraries.
  • Open source code in here


That’ s all.

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